One of eight paintings made for an group exhibition, ‘High Tea’ at FortyX40 Gallery for the annual Fynarts Festival in Hermanus. Each cup comes with a story of its place in my life, either belonging to me, a friend or  a relative. Framed in 3cm white frame, 6cm white border, behind glass.

ORIGINAL MIXED MEDIA ON PAPER (acrylic, pastel, shellac ink)
Framed size 37.5 x 38.5cm Image size 21 x 21cm
Giclee Prints available. Please refer to Limited Edition Prints page

Important Shipping Information

Artworks require a custom packing and shipping cost depending on your chosen method of delivery and where you are in the world. Please send me an email so we can discuss the options, or if you want to secure this painting, you can pay for it now and we can add shipping costs later. If you are near to Hermanus I will personally deliver it for free where possible.