I am a full-time artist living in the coastal town of Hermanus, South Africa. My degree in Art Education at Stellenbosch University majoring in painting with a specialisation in photo-realism, led to a career in Trompe-l’oeil mural painting and faux finishes.

A lot of my more recent work is in the commercial world. I work closely with Interior designers, producing bespoke ‘Wall Art’ for large projects such as hotels, game lodges, corporate head offices and occasionally for retail outlets. I enjoy the challenge of diversity in the styles and scale of the projects that I am commissioned to do. 

When I am working for myself I explore and experiment, working in a variety of styles and mediums from realism to abstraction, decorative to illustrative. I paint landscapes, still life and sometimes portraits. I am passionate about the African landscape and everything in it: the diversity of the fauna and flora, the play of light on vast open spaces, the textures and vivid colours of nature.

Louise Hennigs artist